What material is the Beam made of?

A high-strength galvanised steel (G310 with a Z450 zinc coating)

What thicknesses are available?

1:15mm and 1:55mm

What lengths are available?

10-metre lengths are standard however other lengths are available on request.

How many lengths in a standard bundle?

There are 30 x 10m lengths in a standard bundle

What’s the weight of a typical Pack?


Does the Joiner fit over both thicknesses?


What are the products dimensions?

63mm x 37mm in either 1:15mm or 1:55mm thickness

Is your product branded?

Yes – on the flat face

What’s the typical lead time delivered to my orchard?

Typically 3-4 weeks

Do you have an end bracing system that can help support the weight of increased vine growth and yield?

Yes, the End Brace is available in both 1:3 & 1:8 metre lengths

What size fasteners should I use when attaching the end braces?

We would recommend using galvanised 5-8mm x 40-50mm long fasteners

Do you offer a TEEPEE System?

Yes please contact your Rural Distributor for further detail

Is there a steel alternative to the intermediate posts?

Yes eco beam has an intermediate steel option please contact your distributor

Do you supply strainer systems?

We are currently in the design phase for strainer assemblies

Do you supply a full steel option for orchards?

Once we have developed the strainer system Eco beam will have an all steel option